The good recession(al)

I love that moment when a couple is walking back up the aisle, now wedded. They've just sealed it all up with a kiss. Their family and friends all cheering for them. All the anxiety and build up is over, and the fun of the reception (and marriage) is ahead of them. I hope everyone can have (at least) one moment like these.

Polyface Farm for Edible Blue Ridge

I had the honor of spending a rainy spring morning with Joel Salatin while he showed me around his farm. My camera bag has never been muddier.

Carolyn and Jeremy - Married!

I'm moved by every wedding I photograph, but this one held particular emotion for me as Carolyn and Jeremy are dear friends. I am so happy for them as they move into their married life! My wonderful wife (and indentured second-shooter), Sara, photographed the wedding with me, and wanted to add a few words:

"The first time I met Jeremy, before he began dating Carolyn, I can remember thinking to myself, 'That boy loves Carolyn!' He had this look in his eyes when he glanced at her: a bit admiration, a bit adoration. We captured countless images of that very look in their eyes on the night of their wedding. The looks they share tell a story. Carolyn told me that her father said, about anticipating the last of his four daughters' weddings, "my quiver is full." Carolyn and Jeremy's is a story of quiver-filling joy." -Sara