I'm John Robinson

and I'd love to meet you

I'm a husband. A dad. A story teller.
I'm a gardener. An eater. An artisan.

To me, the camera is a tool to connect with people.
I've been fortunate to have my camera connect me with clients all over the world, and many of the best wedding vendors in the world. My goal is to make the camera disappear and make you and your story pop from every image.

Let's talk!

I have two eyes, two ears, and only one mouth.

That means I'm always listening, observing, finding beauty, and looking for the details. To me, the little asides can speak as loudly as the biggest speeches.

It also means I bring a very calm and convivial style when directing. I will make your day better, capture it all, and deliver photos that reflect how wonderful it was.

I only have 4 rules for photography:

1. Don't Die

I kid, but I never put clients in uncomfortable, unnecessary, or unsafe situations.

2. Time travel

I make photos that reach through time and space to put you back in the moments from your day.

3. Let's Talk

I am always communicating, and make my clients to feel comfortable telling me what they want and need.

4. Have Fun

You, me, and everyone at your wedding will have a great time doing photos. I promise.

Best of Zola 2023